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AdaTEST 95 - the solution for testing Ada software

AdaTEST 95 dynamically proves code with intelligent unit and integration testing, in the most cost effective manner. Designed around the requirements of the Ada language, AdaTEST 95 offers high productivity and a unique set of testing, code coverage analysis and static analysis features.


AdaTEST 95 has been successfully used by customers worldwide since the 1990s to meet the main international safety-related standards, including: DO 178B/C, EN 50128, IEC 60880.


Major Features of AdaTEST95


  • Unit and Integration testing for Ada 83 & Ada 95 on host and embedded target platforms.


  • Test Driver graphical wizard driven test generation from test case definition files to speed script production.


  • 100+ Static code metrics on code complexity and size metrics provide help with planning the most efficient tests.


  • Flexible test harness for black-box, white-box, object oriented and robustness tests supports Ada 95, Ada 83 and subsets such as Revenscar and SPARK.


  • Automated checks for all standard Ada 83 and Ada 95 data types records and arrays, and generic checks for instantiation with user defined types.


  • Exception verification.


  • Stubs to simulate and control external interfaces.


  • Test Support Package automatic global data checking.


  • Integrated code coverage and data value coverage analysis pinpoints gaps and efficiently directs test efforts.


  • Results and diagnostics are used for rapid error-identification and to support certification.