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Cantata in Industry Sectors

Cantata is used across a wide range if industry sectors. Particulalry where high integrity or safety related systems are needed. However it works well anywhere, in any industry where reliable systems are needed.




Automotive Software is an important innovation driver in the automotive industry. But how do things stand with the security and reliability of such embedded software systems? The faultless interplay between different components with different technical standards is not something that can be taken for granted. Suitable testing devices make it easier.


Software in the automobile – an innovation factor

The wish for greater security and convenience in the automobile, coupled with dynamic handing characteristics, has led to ever more complex systems. Accordingly, the scope of embedded software in the automobile is becoming ever larger. This can be found in all important systems such as the engine management, the airbags, the brakes or the entertainment electronics.

State of the art with ISO 26262 and MISRA
In 2011, the automotive industry standard IEC 61508 for functional safety of road vehicles was superseded by ISO 26262. With our testing tools, we can help you to comply with the software standards ISO 26262 and MISRA. With our testing tools and know-how you will satisfy the stipulations of MISRA and ISO 26262 with respect to the entire product life cycle of safety-relevant electronic systems for road vehicles.


IT & Telecommunications

The IT and telecommunications sector is developing at an astonishing rate. In most cases, any player who doesn't want to get left behind needs one thing: a good product. In software development, tools which allow you to test the code to the very core, can help you do this. For example our Cantata++ testing tool.


We support you in the IT and telecommunications sector with secure and reliable software development. Our compatible tools and our many years of experience in this field will help you uncover hard-to-find problems and security vulnerabilities in your code.

Stay on top of things with Cantata
Gone are the days in which development engineers had to manually look for critical defects and security vulnerabilities in their software unaided. Our testing tools will automatically help you eliminate such defects throughout the entire development life cycle. With Cantata++, you can fulfil all product approval requirements



The very latest software systems always offer new opportunities to improve the quality of medical care. Embedded software is used to control electronic devices such as hearing aids, defibrillators and MRI scanners. Strict testing procedure are necessary to ensure that these work without fault or interruption.


FDA-compliant testing in medical technology

To keep any risk to patients and staff as small as possible, it is necessary for highly complex software systems to be developed and intensively tested. Compliance with the relevant standards and guidelines is important here. Medical products must be approved by the FDA. Only high-quality and reliable development processes have a chance of approval. To pass the strict checks of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), developers and quality auditors have to subject the appliances to precise and extensive testing.
QA systems tools give them reliable test procedures for software development in medical appliances. That means you can be sure of a smooth and fault-free software process.


Aerospace & Defence


Embedded software can be found everywhere in aerospace and defence systems. In helicopters in the air, in radar systems on the ground and in satellites in space. The security and reliability of the technical equipment - which may be worth millions - and the safety of the crew are the supreme priorities in the aerospace and defence industries. With the right testing tools you are optimally equipped for this mission.


Highly specialized systems in the aerospace industry

Unlike in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry is less interested in quantity and more interested in quality. Systems are required in small numbers, but as a rule these are highly specialised and extremely expensive. Moreover, each project also requires approval pursuant to DO-178B, which is only granted for high-quality and reliable development processes. By using Cantata+++ we satisfy these approval requirements.

Test faster – be better
Developers and quality auditors can use our products and solutions to conduct thorough static and dynamic tests even on extremely complex applications. This enables you to accelerate your testing and troubleshooting, and at the same time to improve the quality of your software.


Industrial Automation

In industrial automation, embedded software systems are often the key differentiating factor, providing a long-term alternative to pure mechanics. Increasingly the software used has a decisive effect on the quality of a product. We supply you the tools for better software tests and greater security.


Industrial Automation

For automating production, intelligent tools and self-learning industrial robots are employed in machine and systems construction. Embedded software is a permanent fixture of such technically complex machines. If you want to secure the quality of the control software, you will need a solid foundation in the form of a stable code base.


With Cantata, development engineers and quality auditors are optimally equipped to effectively test sophisticated and reliable embedded systems from the very start of development. With the right tools, you can substantially shorten the test phase and at the same time improve the quality of your software. Our tools fulfil the IEC 61508 standard to guarantee the functional reliability of systems that may be of critical importance for security.



From track-side to on-board, increasing complex embedded software plays a major role in railway control and communication systems which enable the smooth running of modern main-line and mass-transit metro railways. Safer, faster and more reliable is the engineering challenge in this highly regulated industry. Stringent software testing is a crucial part of developing embedded railway systems, but meeting verification requirements can only be done in the most efficient way with suitable testing tools.


Certifable Software Safety

Certifable Software Safety With Cantata, development engineers and quality auditors are optimally equipped to produce safe and reliable embedded systems that meet the certification requirements of railway standards.

Compliance with EN50128
The EN50128 standard for Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Software for railway control and protection systems, was updated in 2011. With our testing tools and know-how, we can help you to comply with the software verification activities required for all SILs.