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Cantata Video Library

We have a growing library of Cantata videos.



Cantata Quick Tour


A short over view of unit testing and Code coverage with Cantata




A short over view of the automatic test generation feature in Cantata


Code wrappers and stubs


This video is about unit testing with code wrappers in place of stubbed functions. Wrappers use the real code not stubs but monitor the calls and can optionally modify the data passed.



Cantata lntegration with TI Code Composer.








Please NOTE: The Videos below were made in 2011 before Cantata moved to QA Systems. They were made during the time when Cantata was owned by IPL



Unit Testing Made Easy For Safety Critical Software


An in depth presentation on the testing challenges for developers of safety critical systems and how Cantata++ can help meet those challenges.



Recorded at the Nohau Software Quality Seminar in Göteborg


Presented by Matt Davis who has been developing and marketing embedded unit and integration testing solutions for a diverse range of safety critical customers for over 16 years. Previously a qualified software auditor working on multimillion pound projects from business critical telecoms to safety critical systems. He currently manages the Partner network for IPL, a leading independent UK software and systems house.