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Cantata Unit Test tool


Cantata is one of the worlds leading Dynamic and Unit Testing tools for C, C++ and ADA95. Cantata has been validated against IEC 61508 Generic, ISO 26262 Automotive, EN 51028 Railway, IEC 60880 Nuclear and IEC 62304 Medical. So it is suitable for all projects from SIL4 to non- validated projects where time and money are the imperative.


The Cantata Eclipse user interface provides a complete test development environment for the creation, execution and analysis of unit and integration tests. It easily integrates with the developer desktop, compilers and embedded target platforms.

Cantata major features at Phaedsys

Major Features of Cantata Unit Test for C and C++


Cantata - The Unit Testing Tool for C/C++ Cantata provides advanced high productivity techniques, allowing developers to dynamically prove their code with intelligent unit and integration testing, in the most cost effective manner. Most advanced integrated code coverage analysis available for C/C++ and Java. Fully qualifiable for safety critical use. > Link to

Cantata major features at Phaedsys

Major Features of Cantata Unit Test for Ada95


Automated regression testing Automatic generation of complete baseline of unit tests for ADA95 code.

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Cantata tool certification

Tool Certification


SGS TÜV SAAR has certified Cantata as "Usable in development of safety related software” up to the highest safety integrity.

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Cantata Videos



There are a growing library of videos on various aspects of the Cantata Dynamic and Unit testing tool

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Cantata Technical Papers

Technical Papers


There are a wide range of Cantata technical papers, Case studies, management briefings and industry sector briefs available.


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Cantata Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors


Cantata is used in a wide range of industry sectors from certified high integrity to IT follow link for more industry specific information. > Link to