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ASH WARE TPU & CPU Simulators


ASH WARE produces the essential  simulators for the TPU, eTPU, CPU32 and CPU16


eTPU Simulator

ASH WARE's eTPU Development Kit packages the eTPU Stand-Alone Simulator with Byte Craft Limited's eTPU_C Compiler, and offers them at an outstandlingly low package price!. > Link to


TPU Simulator

Simulate and debug both your custom TPU microcode as well as your host-side driver code in a single easy-to-use development environment. . > Link to


CPU32 and CPU16 Simulators

With the intuitive interface and useful features for which ASH WARE is well known, the CPU32 simulation engine will significantly decrease your development time and improve the quality of your code. This easy-to-use development tool, with its advanced debugging capabilities, is available also as part of the TPU/CPU32 System Simulator.> Link to