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Emprog Services

Emprog's team has over two decade of experience providing services to the Embedded and Engineering community.




Emprog has over two decades of experience helping the embedded and engineering market in porting embedded code between different IDEs, toolsets and devices. Changing a development toolset/IDE always come with a combination of benefits and a certain level of pain in code porting. We can alleviate that pain by helping customers and chipmakers in their C code porting efforts.


• Porting Embedded C/ASM Code between toolsets (same target).
• Porting Embedded C Code between different target devices.
• Porting BSPs between toolsets (same target).
• Integrating Middleware with BSPs.


To contact Emprog please click here, and send us a message with all your Embedded C code porting needs.


Board Support Packages


Semiconductor vendors produce hundreds of boards and kits each year. With the right Board Support Package (BSP) and the right toolset/IDE included, customers can quickly evaluate and start building their projects. Emprog can facilitate that part of the customer interaction by offering the following:

• Experience in developing & testing BSPs.
• Experience in several toolsets in the industry.
• Middleware integration within the BSPs.


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