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ThunderBench C/C++
for ARM/Cortex supporting all ARM/Cortex devices.

Emprog ThunderBench product line of C/C++ tools features comprehensive enhancement and integration of Eclipse IDE, making it one of the best adaptations of such a platform for embedded programming. An innovative makeover with dedicated embedded focused plugins make it truly one of the most desirable tools in the market.







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Overview of Benefits   COMPILER FEATURES

RTOS and Middleware


JTAG Debuggers

Static Analysis and MISRA -C / C++    



Overview of Benefits

• Eclipse-based platform with lots of added plugins focused on embedded ARM Cortex.
• Complete embedded project handling.
• ARM Project Creation WIZARDS.
• Easy Access to 100+ examples and ready-to-use BSPs for current and popular target boards.
• Access to ThunderCloud for more up-to-date sample projects & BSPs.
• Eclipse standardization will remove the pain from changing IDEs.
• Avoid sticky proprietary development solutions.
• Includes individual LIVE technical support.
• Third-party plugins can be easily integrated.
• Quick start guide and high quality video tutorials.
• Special pricing for startups, R&D designs, and projects in prototyping phase.


Supported chip vendors

If your choice is not listed, contact Emprog for an update!

Silabs/Energy Micro
Texas Instruments



ARM-Specific Support

If your choice is not listed, contact Emprog for an update!


• Cortex-M0
• Cortex-M0+
• Cortex-M1
• Cortex-M3
• Cortex-M4(F)

• Cortex-A55
• Cortex-A7
• Cortex-A8
• Cortex-A9
• Cortex-A12
• Cortex-A15

• Cortex-R4
• Cortex-R5(F)
• Cortex-R7(F)

• ARM7
• ARM9
• ARM11




• Optimized and widely used C/C++ compiler technology for ARM/Cortex.
• ARM CMSIS and EABI compliant.
• Supports inline ASM and full interrupt handlers in C.
• Extended target-specific keywords.
• Easy to use project manager.
• Comes with a full relocating ARM/Cortex assembler.
• Includes all necessary startup code, for your specific ARM/cortex target .
• Parallel compilation support.
• Build, rebuild, clean and index C/C++ projects
• Comprehensive Run-time libraries (C/C++ runtime and math).
• Smaller foot-print (C/C++ runtime and math) nano library.
• Includes many utilities such as Make, Object conversion, Object dump, ELF format and Size.
• Includes many libraries such as Standard C/C++ runtime library, complete Math C library, optional    tiny printf/sprintf/fprintf, and I/O redirection of runtime library.
• Generate all necessary listing and memory map to have a complete view of your Project.
• Advance SEARCH capability such as search-as-you-type, document & find-in-files.
• Powerful linker optimizer supports removal of unused C/C++ code, unused data and variables.
• Configure command line options in GUI.
• Console compiler/linker output view.
• Problems, errors and warnings special view.
• Save console view text to file.
• User defined (with regular expressions) color coded syntax.
• Double clicking on errors or warnings in the problems view opens the offending line.
• Errors and warnings flagged on the appropriate lines in the editor.
• Auto-rebuild, auto save mode.
• Multiple builds configurations.
• Preprocessor color highlighted #ifdef items evaluating to false, no need to build or compile.
• Access to ThunderCloud for more up-to-date sample projects and BSPs.


• Eclipse based platform with lots of added plugins.
• Easy Access to 100+ Examples and ready-to-use BSPs for current and popular target boards.
• Support for ALL Cortex/ARM core devices.
• Best in class Editor/IDE (Eclipse based) well suited for C/C++, Assembler, Makefile etc...
• Source formatting, syntax coloring, function folding and many other modern features.
• Full editor folding section support.
• C/C++, ARM Assembler editor with Markers highleting and Annotation.
• C/C++ outline view.
• Support for several Eclipse plugins such as version control, MISRA C 2004, defect tracking etc.
• Many views such as Instant search results, File history, Calls hierarchy, functions, macros, symbols    and Type hierarchy (class browser),#include file dependency browser.
• Stricter code analysis.
• All necessary views such as Code navigation, Assembler, Bookmarks, Task (to-do)
• Preprocessor macro and structures expansion as a tooltip.
• Tasks automatically created by keywords detected in comments.
• Spell checking of C/C++ comments.
• All occurrences of selected symbol highlighted everywhere in the editor.
• Symbol type assistance.
• Content assist.
• Code completion and templates
• Parameter hints.
• Powerful coding assistant such as Code completion, templates, styles, brace matching.
• Auto-sort selected lines.
• Add/remove block comment.
• Toggle comment.
• Configurable color coded syntax.
• Expand/collapse of code blocks.
• Show collapsed code blocks as tooltips.
• Show symbol, macros definitions as tooltips.
• Surround with pre-defined & custom-defined code templates.
• Macro expansion explorer.
• Show line numbers.
• Block selection mode.
• Show whitespace characters.
• Find-in-files with regular expressions document or project level.
• Find-and-replace with regular expressions, document or project level.
• Open #include files with hypertext links.
• Go-to-definition/reference of a symbol, functions with hypertext links.
• Go-to-declaration of symbols and functions.
• Configurable keyboard bindings and Keyboard shortcut assist.
• Drag & drop template view.
• C/C++ grammar search with regular expressions.
• Full-screen mode plugin.



Static Analysis and MISRA-C


ThunderBench will intergrate with PC-Lint to give statick analysis including MISRA C 98, 04 and 12 support and MISRA-C++ 08 support.




• All standard debugging execution features supported.
• Complex & conditional breakpoints.
• Calls stack, watch window for variables and expressions, SFR & memory view.
• Wide range of RTOS plugins available from RTOS vendors.
• Project wizard auto-configure a debug configuration.
• Debug ARM disassembly code.
• Debug ARM C code.
• Debug ARM C++ code.
• J-LINK gdbserver is bundled.
• ST-LINK gdbserver is bundled.
• OpenOCD gdbserver is bundled.
• Supports any 3rd party JTAG probe with a compliant gdbserver.
• Pre-configured configurations for supported JTAG probes.
• Simplified debug configuration & debug launching system.
• One click debug automatic launcher.
• Configuration GUI for gdbserver settings.
• Manual or auto-start, auto-restart of gdbserver.
• Expand functions, macros and structures inside the debugger.
• Mouse hover over functions, macros and variables to get values, declarations and locations as tool-tips.
• Powerful execution control commands.
• If needed manually tweak gdb and gdbserver initializations ans setup.
• Code and data breakpoints.
• Ignore count and conditional breakpoints.
• User configurable debugger scripts with support for iterations and conditional behavior.
• User configurable Actions for conditional behavior like sounds, messages and others.
• Multi-processor debug support.
• Multi-core debug support.
• Multi-session debug support, simply connect and debug 2 target boards at the same time.
• Console view.
• Breakpoints view.
• Expressions view.
• Drag & drop of variables from editor to expressions view.
• Local variable automatic context watch view.
• Variables are highlighted when values change.
• Expand/collapse complex data structures in variable view.
• Disassembly view.
• Memory view.
• Fill memory region with known pattern.
• Import/export data to memory view.
• CPU register view.
• CPU registers are highlighted when values change.
• Source code editor in debugger.
• Color coded syntax in debugger source code editor.
• Expand/collapse code blocks in debugger source code editor.
• Toggle debugger breakpoints while in C/C++ editing mode.




Middleware and RTOS

Segger: Emprog has a technology alliance with Segger
enFILE File System
emUSB Device
emUSB Host
emWin Graphical User Interface

The above items are available from Phadrus Systems.


Other RTOS/Middleware vendors compatibility

Express Logic
Micrium also available from Phaedrus Systems


JTAG Debuggers



ThunderBench works with a wide range of JTAG probes

• Segger J-LINK
• Segger J-LINK PRO
• Segger J-LINK ULTRA+
• Segger J-LINK Lite

• ST Link
• Probes using OpenOCD GDB Server
• Olimex Probes H and tiny
• Any probes with GDB Server