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ThunderCloud, instant access to the latest BSPs


Although ThunderBench comes with a large number of BSPs and sample code supporting most popular ARM Cortex devices, ThunderCloud provides for extra instant access to an even larger repository of ready-to-use BSPs for newer ARM Cortex devices in the market.



Engineers working on embedded designs know very well that there are many BSPs and sample code floating around on the web.


They also know that most of these BSPs are not what they claim to be -- "working out of the box". The Emprog technical team with years of experience in supporting the embedded industry has gone through these BSPs one-by-one and ran a complete test and quality verification on each. For each sample code you use within Emprog, a technical engineer has tested it, and made the necessary adjustment to ensure that it has passed the fully working requirement within ThunderBench IDE.


Developers of embedded design using ARM Cortex can now, from within ThunderBench, access hundreds of well-tested and guaranteed-to-work example projects, and download them directly into the tools workspace. This will significantly improve the development process and allows engineers to access the right example template they need.


ThunderCloud is available to all registered users of Emprog ThunderBench and offers the assurance that the BSP or sample code they choose is not a random collection of sample code. Unlike other tools vendors claiming thousands of BSPs in their marketing material, Emprog understands very well that engineers are looking for that specific example code that exactly fits their needs.


The best part of ThunderCloud is that BSPs and sample code are regularly added and made available to all existing ThunderBench users without the need for any tool update or patches to download.


Quality matters! Not just quantity! Click here for a quick visualization of ThunderCloud. Access to this repository is directly from within ThunderBench.