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Sciopta RTOS


SCIOPTA Systems develops, sells, supports and maintains systems software for safety-critical embedded applications. Founded over 20 years ago as Litronic AG, SCIOPTA Systems AG is based in Bottmingen/Basel (Switzerland).  SCIOPTA is more than just an RTOS. It is a new and modern approach to design embedded systems.




The SCIOPTA architecture is specifically designed to provide excellent real-time performance and small size. Internal data structures, memory management, interprocess communication and time management are highly optimised.
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Safety Critical RTOS

Safety Critical RTOS

TSCIOPTA 61508 is a pre-emptive multi-tasking high performance real-time kernel which includes many built-in safety features. As a direct message-passing kernel, SCIOPTA is very well suited to be used in safety-critical applications.. > Link to


TCI/IP Protocols

SCIOPTA IPS has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern internet protocol network applications in embedded systems. This gives IPS the advantage over traditional internet stacks that were ported to embedded systems, of having a higher performance and a lower memory footprint. .
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FAT File system

FAT File System

Advanced fully featured FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file system for embedded systems with long filenames; caching options, Unicode support, drivers for Compact Flash, MMC, SD cards, HDDs, NAND Flash and Serial Flash. > Link to

Flash file system

Flash File System

High performance file system designed and tested to handle unexpected resets cleanly. Can be used for driver on all NOR, NAND and serial flash types. SFFS is a file system targeted at embedded devices which use NOR or NAND type flash devices that require a high degree of reliability. The system is completely protected against unexpected power-failure or reset.> Link to

Druid Debugger

Druid  Debugger


SCIOPTA DRUID is a debugger on system level and is used in addition to a source-lever debugger. It is not replacing the source-level debugger as DRUID gives you another view into a SCIOPTA system on a higher level.. > Link to

Distributed systems

Distributed Systems

Support provided for supervision in SCIOPTA can also be used in a distributed system. CONNECTOR processes, board support processes and the network system can be supervised by the kernel. Remotely connected processes will be informed by the kernel if resources in the communication path are no longer available. > Link to

Sciopta USB

USB Support

SCIOPTA USB Device allows to connect a SCIOPTA target system via an USB bus system to a computer with USB host functionality. Device classes include USB mass storage device class used for flash drives, portable hard drives, memory card readers, digital cameras, digital audio players etc. and USB communications device class used for modems, network cards, ISDN connections, Fax.. > Link to

Memory Protection

Memory Protection

Many embedded systems include memory protection, which is required to build fault tolerant systems. As an increasing number of CPUs have on-chip memory management units (MMU), SCIOPTA supports memory protection by use of the SCIOPTA Memory Management System (SMMS). > Link to

Sciopta GUI

Graphics support


C/PEG is a complete graphics solution for embedded developers written entirely in ANSI C. C/PEG not only provides optimised graphics primitives, text and bitmap drawing; it also supports higher level graphic objects to give the developer a full tool set for rapid application development.> Link to