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AbsInt Rule Checker: Fast automatic checks for adherence to coding standards

RuleChecker is a static program analyzer that automatically checks your C or C++ code for compliance with MISRA rules, CERT recommendations, and other coding guidelines.




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RuleChecker primarily targets safety-critical embedded applications, but can also be used to analyze any structured C programs, handwritten or generated, with complex memory usages, dynamic memory allocation, and recursion.


Supported standards


  • MISRA 2004

  • MISRA 2012

  • MISRA 2012 Amendment 1


  • MISRA C++:2008

    SEI CERT Secure C

  • MITRE CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration)

  • ISO/IEC TS 17961:2013 (C Secure Coding Rules)

  • ISO/IEC 9899:1999 diagnostics

    HIS metrics

  • Customizable style rules for all C identifiers

  • Your very own in-house coding guidelines (on request)




  • Easy configuration, allowing you to toggle individual rules and even specific aspects of certain rules.


  • Exceptionally fast analyses for complex real-world programs with hundreds of thousands lines of code.


  • Various statistics and code metrics, such as comment density or cyclomatic complexity.

    Optional checks for metric thresholds.


  • Interactive graphs, charts, and tables for efficient exploration of the analysis results.

  • Customizable reports for documentation and certification purposes.

    Batch mode for use in continuous integration frameworks.
    Plug-ins for TargetLink, Jenkins, and Eclipse.

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  • Optional integration with the runtime error analyzer Astrée

    to guarantee zero false negatives and minimize false positives on semantical rules.


Qualification support


Your usage of RuleChecker can be qualified according to DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC-61508, EN-50128, IEC-60880, DO-333, IEC-60188, ISO 25119, the FDA Principles of Software Validation, and other safety standards. We offer a special Qualification Support Kitthat simplifies and automates the qualification process.



  • Who uses RuleChecker?


The global automotive supplier Helbako in Germany is using RuleChecker to demonstrate MISRA compliance of their electronic control software.


MTU Friedrichshafen is using RuleChecker to demonstrate the correctness of control software for emergency power generators in power plants.


Bosch Automotive Steering replaced their legacy tools with Astrée and RuleChecker, resulting in significant savings thanks to faster analyses, higher accuracy, and optimized licensing and support costs.