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Good compilers are worth far more than you pay for them.   Modern commercial compilers are high quality and tested to high standards.  The  compilers Phaedrus Systems supply have all stood the test of time and  specialise in different targets.  We can advise on which is the most suitable for your project.  Phaedrus Systems in association with Metriqa can provide Compiler Validation Reports on compilers for Safety Critical use.  We also have NDAs with most of the compilers we supply and can get good support


Byte Craft

Byte Craft have been producing a select range of highly optimised compilers and dev tools since 1976. They produce tools for the processors shown below. Byte Craft are, like Phaedrus Systems, heavily involved in the ISO- C  panel   Compilers for eTPU, PIC68086805, Scenix, Z8 , C38, COP8 and Fuzzy Logic . > Link to