Phaedrus Systems supports engineers at all stages of embedded safety-critical and high-integrity projects. Tools available include requirements capture for IEC 61508, EN 50128 , DO178 and nuclear applications, a SIL3 RTOS and compiler validation reports. Consultants have experience working on automotive, rail and aerospace applications, meeting standards such as IEC 61508 SIL4, and D0178B. Backing these is a wide range of other relevant embedded tools, including code checkers, USB and TCP/IP stacks, development kits, debuggers and ICEs. There is also a Technical library


Razorcat & TESSY Introduces

Fault injection, test scripts, code metrics and newly implemented CTE

Razorcat, has announced that release 4.1 of TESSY will support automated fault injection Test Scripts, Code Metrics and a NEW CTE

To stimulate or measure hardware signals during unit testing, TESSY 4.1 provides a hardware adapter interface that can be used to control external hardware for stimulation and measurement.

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Embedded Live
18-19 September, Stoneleigh, Coventry


WNIE – Embedded Live Everything Electronics: Embedded, Engineering, Design and Manufacturing. A very useful show and conference

This year we are exhibiting and speaking "Debugging is Difficult: so why do it?" Debugging takes time, needs tools, and uses resources all of which COSTS MONEY: SO why do it? There are more cost effective solutions but you will have to be there to hear the presentation.


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Percepio Tracealyzer

Percepio Tracealyzer 1-2-1 Getting Started training


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Percepio Launch Tracealyzer4!!



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AbsInt tools for

validation, verification and certification of

safety-critical software



AbsInt provides advanced Static Anaysis, Stack usage and timing tools for embedded systems, and tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software. > Link to


Independent Advice.

Independent advice is strengthened by the company's founder being an active participant in several standards bodies, including ISO C, C++ and IEC 61508-3, and a principal author of MISRA-C:2004. and member of the MISRA-C2012 team .If you need advice please call or email.



IET Business PArtner

Safety Critical Systems Club


National Microelectronics Institute

IoT Security Foundation


IoT Security Foundation




Software Systems Engineering Initiative

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