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Phaedrus Systems: Academic Support

Phaedrus Systems Ltd has been supporting higher and further education in the UK for many years. Phaedrus Systems has been instrumental in equipping several electronics labs in UK Universities and colleges. We have also worked with companies, such as NXP and ARM, to donate £120,000 of kit to universities. And we are proud to be involved in theUK Micromouse Championship.



1: Academic supply

We can supply systems suitable for lab use by classes, with substantial educational discounts: we can even supply kits affordable by individual students. These range from development kits for many MCUs, though to educational versions of many industrial compilers, support tools and debuggers.

A particularly useful product, which will be of interest to any lecturers who set course work requiring C code creation, is the DAC tool. This analyses and reverse engineers C to produce calling trees, flow charts and documentation.See DAC

2: Donated equipment and labs

We are often contacted by companies looking to place equipment with educational establishments as, for example, NXP. We are also contacted by silicon and tools companies looking to start or expand their university and educational program. Over the last few years our Technical Director, Chris Hills, has personally been responsible for setting up complete labs in Loughborough, De Montfort, Aston, and Queens (Belfast) universities, as well as donations to nearly a dozen others.


3: Micromouse

The UK Micromouse championship is an international robotics competition, that has been held every year in the UK since 1980, where autonomous robot 'mice' race against the clock to search the centre of a maze in the shortest time. Phaedrus Systems has actively supported Micromouse as a sponsor and providing prizes for several years see 2006, 2007. 2008, 2009 We also take a stand to the event and distribute various goodies from pens to IAR/ST ARM-Cortex dev kits.
Micromouse 2010 is on June 26th.


4: Academic Robotics

In addition to Micromouse we also support academic and student robotics in general. We have supported with prizes, dev kits, tools and donations: Micromouse of course, but also roboTIC, DerBOT and the Imperial Collage Robotics Society. See our Robotics page


5: Other educational resources

We can also supply other teaching resources for lecturers and students. We have a range of papers that can be used for background information on the both embedded development process and the tools that are used. We also have papers on software engineering (as opposed to "programming") and high integrity systems.

So if you are in education, from 6th form onwards, please contact us.