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Special discounts by Phaedrus Systems

Phaedrus Systems is giving members of SCSC special discounts on selected tools. The list of tools is given below. However please contact us if you are looking for any tools not listed below as we can always tailor a package to suit your needs.

Pure-Systems Variant Management


pure-systems is the leading provider of variant management software. pure::variants allows developers of families of systems that use software to provide differentiation to configure, track and manage different software variants across the tool chain, across application assets and across the application life cycle. Solutions from pure-systems enhance productivity, facilitate reuse of application assets, shorten time to market and improve quality. pure-systems enterprise technology is built on open standards and integrates seamlessly with existing application development tools and processes. > Link to

Sciopta SIL3 RTOS and Comms Stacks form Critical Systems


SCIOPTA is a message based real-time operating system with many built-in safety functions and is therefore very well suited for software forming part of safety-related systems. But SCIOPTA is more than just an RTOS. It is a new and modern approach to designing embedded systems. The direct message-passing method allows easy and time-saving design of robust and secure systems. Applications based on the SCIOPTA method can cover small static SoC designs to large dynamic distributed systems. > Link to