MicroMouse Robotics Competition

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Saturday 26th June 2010 (provisional) 10.00am - 5.00pm

Millennium Point, Birmingham. hosted by Birmingham City University

MicroMouse (http://www.tic.ac.uk/micromouse/)


What IS Micromouse?
The UK Micromouse championship is an international robotics competition, that has been held every year in the UK since 1980.   Phaedrus Systems has been supporting the event since 2005. Similar events are also held in the USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea and elsewhere. Autonomous robot 'mice' race against the clock to search the centre of a maze in the shortest time.

Mmouse maze

The maze consists of 256 squares (cells) arranged in a 16 x 16 format, on a 180mm grid. Each wall is 50mm high and 12mm thick, hence the minimum distance from wall to wall is 168mm.  Some examples of Mice and Mazes are shown on the gallery page.
The competition is open to all-comers, and  would-be mouse builders or interested spectators are also welcome. Beginners might like to enter the wall follower category first and then progress to the full micromouse maze solving competition later.  There is an increasing amount of practical mouse building information being placed on the web


The Championship has been supported by a variety of organisations and academic institutions including Euromicro, theIET, the University of East London, the RAC, the University of Manchester, Loughborough University, the BBC, University of Exeter, University of Bristol, the Computer Science Department at Royal Holloway, the Technology Innovation Centre of the University of Central England, and others Since 2005 Phaedrus Systems has been one of the main sponsors.


MMouse maze