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IAR Embedded workbench to PC-lint integration


Phaedrus Systems has been working with IAR to produce a series of PC-lint to IAR EWB integrations. 


The application note gives step by step instructions on how to integrate PC-lint in to the IAR embedded workbench (EWB) so that single files or a complete project can be statically analysed, including MISRA-C or C++ checking, at the click of a menu.


The PC-lint messages are output to the EWB message window in a similar manner to compiler messages. They are active so that clicking on them will take the cursor to the line in the editor.

IAR uses the EDG language parser, in common with all high end C and C++ compilers (see http://www.edg.com/index.php?location=customers_oc )  and the Dinkumware libraries (http://www.dinkumware.com/).  Dinkumware is run by the legendary P. J. Plauger.  These two components ensure a high quality and uniformity across the IAR compiler range (about 35 targets). Therefore there is a generic IAR to PC-lint configuration file that can be used for all IAR compilers with a target specific file that takes care of all the target specific items.

The Zip files consist of the app note, the Generic IAR compiler configuration, the compiler specific configuration file and the Environment file which holds it all together and links to the EWB.

There is a “generic” zip file that contains the same files with no target specific file. You will need to create your own compiler specific file.  If you do this please contact  Phaedrus Systems and we can help get it validated with IAR. librarian@phaedsys.com



The Integration App notes and files