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J-TRACE, JTAG+Trace for ARM-Cortex-M



Segger J-Trace for ARM Cortex-M0/3/4/7 is a high speed hardware trace probe developed from ground-up for ARM Cortex-M ; it connects via USB to the PC host running Windows. Segger J-Trace integrates seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and is fully plug-and-play compatible, and in addition very easy to use.


Segger J-Trace combines an embedded trace macrocell (ETM) with an embedded in circuit emulator (ICE) macrocell to deliver all the real-time debug functions of a traditional emulator. It has a 16MB buffer memory. No special hardware is required to substitute for the real microprocessor functions in order to make them visible.



General Features:

  • Has all the J-Link functionality
    Hi-Speed-USB 2.0 interface
    JTAG speed: 25 MHz
    Works with all currently available Cortex-M devices at 100 MHz trace clock
    Supports Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 targets
    Supports ARM's Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)
    Supports ARM's Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)
    Supports ARM's Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)
    Free software updates1, 2 years of support
    16 MB trace buffer



Trace Features


  • Trace supports up to 200 MHz
    Trace based on ARM ETM v3/CoreSight
    16 Mbyte trace memory buffer
    Compact housing, fits easily on the desk
    Silent, fan-less design
    Trace window synchronizes to source and disassembly window
    Function trace shows called functions hierarchically
    SWV output via SWO or Trace port