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Byte Craft Compilers


Byte Craft has been producing a select range of highly optimised compilers and development tools since 1976. The current processor targets are shown below. Byte Craft is, like Phaedrus Systems heavily involved in the international standards panels for C.


Byte Craft

Byte Craft IDE and Technical papers

Byte Craft produces some essential technical papers. The 224 page introduction to embedded systems development (click here) is a must for all new embedded programmers. They also have a paper on the comparison between using C and assembler that is quite surprising. Another interesting paper is the 75 page guide to Fuzzy Logic and how you can us it in most C developments. Download it here 

Byte Craft e_TPU

Byte Craft for eTPUC


eTPU_C is a high-performance Code Development System for the Freescale eTPU. You can develop eTPU programming completely in the C language. And eTPU_C can supply the information your host (PowerPC™ or ColdFire) compiler needs to initialise and control the eTPU.. > Link to

Byte Craft PIC

Byte Craft for Microchip PIC


The MPC supports the Microchip PIC 12/14/16/17 families, including 8K and flash parts. . > Link to



Byte Craft C6808

Byte Craft for C6808


Byte Craft's C6808 Code Development System is designed for the Freescale M68HC08 family of microcontrollers.. > Link to



Byte Craft C6805

Byte Craft for C6805


The C6805 Code Development System supports all Freescale MC68HC05 microcontrollers. > Link to


Byte Craft SXC

Byte Craft for Ubicom - Scenix SXC


SXC extends support for the Ubicom (Scenix) SX family of processors, including the new SX48 and SX52 parts. > Link to



Byte Craft  Z8 Compiler

Byte Craft for the Zilog Z8


The Z8C Code Development System is targeted to the Z8 family of microcontrollers.

> Link to


Byte Craft  C38

Byte Craft for C38


The Byte Craft Limited C38 Code Development System supports the entire Mitsubishi MELPS740 (38000) series of microcontrollers, which includes the 7600 series, M509xx, M371xx, M374xx and M38xxx. > Link to

Byte Craft COP8

Byte Craft for National COP8


The COP8C Code Development System . > Link to

Byte Craft Cypress M8

Cypress C Compiler for Cypress M8


The Byte Craft Limited Cypress C Code Development System supports the Cypress USB microcontrollers.> Link to


Byte Craft Fuzzy C

Byte Craft Fuzzy  C libraries


Fuzz-C™ is a preprocessor for Fuzzy Logic in C programs. . > Link to