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Tools and services we can supply


Below are listed our principal suppliers.  If you need something not listed give us a call any way as we know almost all of the tools in the business and can advise if not supply. Contact us

Byte Craft

Byte Craft Compilers

Byte Craft have been producing a select range of highly optimised compilers and dev tools since 1976. They produce tools for the processors shown below. Byte Craft are, like Phaedrus Systems, heavily involved in the ISO- C  panel Compilers for eTPU, PIC68086805, Scenix, Z8 , C38, COP8 and Fuzzy Logic > Link to

Lauterbach Micro Trace

Lauterbach JTAG and Trace for Cortex M


Lauterbach Emulators are concidered to be the best in the world. The µTrace for ARM Cortex M seris parts. this is a full featured systems that has utilised the Trace32 system of its larger counterparts to give one of gthe worlds most powerfull debugging systems. > Link to

MC Object

McObject eXtremeDB Embedded Database

 The eXtremeDB embedded database combines exceptional performance, reliability and developer efficiency in a proven real-time database engine. There are several versions including Fusion, High Availability, Kernel mode, SQL, 64-Bit , Web-sever and Transaction Logging. > Link to


Nohau Emulators

Phaedrus Systems is now the UK exclusive distributor for Nohau Emulators. Nohau® development tools are designed to give you the most productive and economical means to produce better embedded systems products.. > Link to


Percepio Tracealizer for RTOS

Percepio’s Tracealyzer products give an unprecedented level of insight into the run-time world of embedded RTOS. This allows you to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.> Link to


Ristan code analysis and documentation generator

Development assistants  will reverse engineer code producing flow charts, calling trees, cross-refenence lists and documentation> Link to