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Due to the difficulty of finding things on the internet  partly through the sheer volume of pages and the screw put on my various search engines selling keywords and filtering we have decided to resurrect a feature from the past. the links page.  If you find any link broken or leading to a bad experience please let us know. Also if you have a link to recommend let us know.


Search for Patents


If  you have a new “something” it is always a good idea to check if there are existing patents. http://www.FreePatentsOnline.com is a Free patent search web site. This sort of web site would be a good first step for those of you without a patent or legal department.  For a bit of light relief there is also this one http://www.patentlysilly.com/    


Advice on Patents and Patent applications for the UK


If  you have a new “something” and think it could be patented it is a minefield of paperwork. However there are some places we can recommend for assistance.


Trevor Baylis (wind up radio) has a company dedicated to helping, see http://www.trevorbaylisbrands.com Having met the man a couple of times and seen the web site I think this is a good place to start and defiantly not a rip off merchant.


The UK Intellectual Property Office does Copyright, Trade Marks and Patents and all the forms are on line but we still recommend talking to some on like Trevor Baylis for guidance as mistakes can be costly. see http://www.ipo.gov.uk/





UK EMC Testing Facilities


In Mid 2008 on the Embedded Usenet Group there was a request for UK based EMC testers people could recommend. These came up





Obsolete components


We have no first hand knowledge of these companies but  if you are looking for component that are obsolete it is a start.