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Posters: Funny but more than a grain of truth

Over the years we have been in the business we have seen many humorous posters. Usually they are a cynical attempt at building moral or raising safety issues.  Instead, here are the posters that are in everyone's heads  There are also links to the HSE myth busting posters and the Dilbert web site.

Fire Fight

If I wanted to Fire fight....


We all know this one.   You get good project to do and you get hauled off to fix emergencies. By the time you get back on to the interesting project it is so far behind the pressure is on...   Will you ever get a project that you have time to appreciate? > Link to


I love Deadlines


The famous quote from Douglas Adams on deadlines. It's the sound they make as they fly by...... > Link to

Pick Two

Pick any two....


Two out of three is possible, cheap, bug free and tomorrow isn't .  Something has to give. Get the ground rules sorted first. . > Link to


Programming terms defined


Programming definitions accurately explained for the lay man....   Many misunderstand the implications and use these words without care or understanding > Link to


Mastery of the art


Some think software is technical others think it is an art. This explains why it is both . > Link to


Reality Check


There are times when you really need a reality check.... Just to make sure you are not in a scene from a new series of Candid Camera. > Link to




An incontestable truth coined by Ruskin a couple of centuries before embedded systems were invented. However it is as true today as it was then.  Worth contemplating on before starting any project. . > Link to




People rush into coding without due caution whereas in reality it is the last thing you should be doing...... .


> Link to


Frozen Deadlines


By getting better estimations on requirements and resources required You can meet your deadlines. . > Link to


Amateur Vs Professional


You can spot the difference. Blind hope vs experience.
> Link to


Liberty and Discipline


A truth that blindly following desires is a recipe for disaster. Having engineering discipline frees you from the trivial. > Link to


The Art


The Art in Embedded systems comes from engineering discipline


> Link to


HSE Urban Myth posters


Surprisingly from the UK Government's Health and Safety Executive these funny posters destroy some of the urban myths about Health and Safety . If you like Dilbert you will love these. > Link to





A sideways look at big company project development and management. This series is legendary in the industry. . > Link to