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MISRA-C Working Group


Current MISRA-C Working Group Chairman:
Andrew Banks CITP, FBCS, Intuitive Consulting


Andrew has been MISRA-C Chairman since the launch of MISRA-C:2012

Current MISRA-C WG April 2016


From Left to Right

Fluvio Baccaglini, Programming Research

Paul Burden,Onus

Liz Whiting, LDRA

Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems Ltd
Andrew Banks, Intuitive Consulting/Frasher-Nash

Mike Hennell, LDRA Ltd

Jill Britton, Programming Research

Dave Banhan, Rolls Royce

(not in picture) Chris Tapp, LDRA & Keylevel Consultants Ltd


Presentation to High Integrity Software Conference ( www.his-2016.co.uk ) November 2016


MISRA-C Roadmap into 2017 from Jagraphics on Vimeo.


Presentation to Device Devloper Conference MISRA-C Workshop 27th April 2016





MISRA-C Lineage


Slide from DDC16 Workshop showing the lineage of MISRA-C. It should be noted that the input to Ford was a coding standard by Les Hatton of Programming Research and the input to Rover was a coding standard by Olwen Morgn also of Programming Research. The intial MISRA-C was primarily the Rover Coding Standard with parts of the Ford Coding Standard. Since then Programming Research have been on the MISRA-C working group to produce MISRA-C:2004 and MISRA-C:2012. They are still contributing today.


See video below for interview with Les HAtton, Olwen Morgan and Gavin McCall click here




Conference papers by Chris Hills Member of MISRA-C WG (since inception)


at Advanced Engineering 2014


Delivered November 2014 This paper asks if MISRA-C is a curse or cure. It comes up with some surprising answers that should get most software people thinking. >download presentation

at Device Developer Conference 2014

Delivered May/June 2014 This paper follows on to part one below (delivered at DDC 2013) The text is expanded with full references and links to additional material >download presentation

Device Developer MISRA-C workshop

MISRA-C:2012 Why it Won't Save your Project

at Device Developer Conference 2013


Delivered May 2013 to the MISRA-C Workshop at the Device Developer Conference Series. > Link to




In July 2012 MISRA-C3 had had it's public review and the team worked though the feedback intending to finish by Christmas 2012. In fact MISRA-C:2012 was launched on the 25th February 2013 at Embedded World in Germany with the PDF becoming available on the 18th March and the printed versions on the 24th April 2013 See the MISRA-C:2012 team


In 2008 the team expanded from 8 to 12 people and became international with a view across nuclear, aerospace, automotive and medical systems. However due to the recession and job changes, some new members, particularly from over seas did not stay long.


The team also lost two long standing members in 2008/9, Gavin McCall, Visteon, and Andrew Burnard, Jaguar Landrover. The input of both these people will be sorely missed. Gavin had been one the MISRA project from almost the beginning





The MISRA- C:2012 committee had the following members:


Chris Tapp, LDRA & Keylevel Consultants Ltd

Mark Dawson-Butterworth, Zytek Automotive Ltd

Dave Banhan, Rolls Royce

Andrew Banks, Intuitive Consulting
Mark Bradbury, Aero Engine Control Systems

Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems Ltd

Steve Montgomery (retired)

Paul Burden, Programming Research
Liz Whiting, LDRA (formerly with QinetiQ Ltd)
Mike Hennell, LDRA Ltd

In centre with stripped tie: Roger Rivet, MISRA Steering Group Chairman


MISRA-C History



MISRA-C started in 1994 by two UK automotive companies. ( See video below for interview with Les HAtton, Olwen Morgan and Gavin McCall click here) It was published in 1998 and thanks to efforts by Programming Research,  LDRA,  Phaedrus Systems and others it escaped into mainstream use in the embedded development space. In 2001 a team was formed to create a second version.  Initially predominantly automotive participants it soon became  a guide for critical systems rather than automotive ones.  Hence the change in title.


The second version MISRA-C:2004was launched in 2004 with Gavin McCall, Visteon Ltd as Chairman by which time many tool vendors were producing MISRA checkers and software that was "MISRA Compliant"     In 2007 a Technical Corrigendum was produced for MISRA-C:2004 along with an Exemplar code suite. NOT a test suite.


The MISRA-C:2004 committee had the following members:

From Left to Right

Andrew Burnard, Jaguar Land Rover

Paul Burden, Programming Research

Liz Whiting, QinetiQ Ltd

Chris Tapp, Keylevel Consultants Ltd

Gavin McCall, Visteon Ltd Chairman

Mike Hennell, LDRA Ltd
Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems Ltd
Steve Montgomery, Ricardo PLC


Kneeling in front from
MISRA Steering Committee

David Ward, MIRA

R. Rivet Jaguar

MUSRA-C:2004 Team



MISRA-C 1998


How the fisrt version of MISRA-C came about in 1998. Developed for Austin Rover and Ford by Programming Research from a system used to develop a medical coding standard. Subsequent versions of MISRA-C, i.e. 204 and 2012 were developed by the MISRA-C Working Group of which Gavin McCall became Chairman from 2000 to 2008.



The original MISRA-C team


Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards,

Rover Group Ltd

Simon Fisher

Simon Fisher,

AB Automotive Electronics Ltd

Gavin McCall

Gavin McCall,




David Newman,




Frank O'Neil,

Lucas Automotive Electronics



Richard Pearman,

Lotus Engineering


Roger Rivett

Roger Rivett,

Rover Group Ltd






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