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MISRA-C++ was launched on the 5th of June at the Safety Critical Tools Event in London.  Click here for information, pictures  and presentation


The need for MISRA C++ was identified by several groups including the UK MoD and the Avionics  Systems Standardisation Committee Also the existence of  JSF++ (based on MISRA-C:1998) a C++ coding standard showed that C++ was being used in critical systems.


Unlike ISO C which has an annex of  unspecified behaviour ISO C++ does not and the team had to identify them all from witching the standard.  This lead, unlike MISRA-C, to MISRA-C++ rule numbering being based on the ISO section and paragraph numbers.


There is plenty of example code in the MISRA standard and the MISRA-C++ Forum is active at http://www.misra-c2.com/forum/index.php